The World's Most Dangerous Road – Reading to Mongolia in a 1999 Yaris

Rupert Harris, George Couchers & Jake Dixon have embarked on their journey to get from Reading to Mongolia.

They recently headed out of Istanbul to the centre of Turkey. They are currently on about 3100 miles so far and over the last few days have passed through Romania, & Bulgaria. The car is running well and coped well with the tracks that head up to the abandoned Buzludzha communist monument in Bulgaria. The car coped well with this as the 12km of road that heads up to the monument had been left untouched since it was abandoned in 1989 so is covered in potholes but it was nothing the Mighty Yaris couldn't cope with. 

Once they left Turkey they arrived into Georgia. They were up at the crack of dawn to ascend the unpaved D915 which is supposedly the world’s most dangerous road. The road follows a gravel track which is carved into a cliff face and has no crash barrier. This all becomes a bit hairy when you are on a single lane road with oncoming traffic! 

Soon they will be entering Azerbaijan and then will be heading into Turkmenistan soon. We look forward to seeing what the next leg of the adventure brings for the lads.