Toyota Reading team up with Multi Care Community Service

We have recently teamed up with Multi Care Community Service by providing them with a Toyota Corolla Hatchback to help them continue to provide a high quality range of professional care and support services.

Multi-Care Community Services Ltd aims to provide care and support to people who cannot wholly look after themselves. They provide services to people in their own home, at times convenient to them, and in ways they find most agreeable.

Providing a high quality standard of care and support, in ways which supports the independence of individuals and enables them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible is their doctrine.

They provide a range of services, such as home care and support, dementia care, complex specialist care, mental health care and Palliative and End of Life care, to suit you, your circumstances and situation.

They are committed to promoting equality, diversity and human rights while delivering their professional services: dedicated to achieving an environment that provides equality of opportunity and freedom from discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sex, class, disability, or special needs.

We look forward to seeing what more great work they will carry out over the coming weeks. -