Mission Accomplished - Reading to Mongolia in a 1999 Yaris

After a gruelling near month long trip the boys have made it to Ulaanbaatar - the capital of Mongolia and the goal of their trip! 

The final stretch was really as the middle of Mongolia has a stretch of around 300km with no roads, just dirt tracks that are a nightmare, particularly in a small car.

On Saturday morning they hit a boulder which set the air bags off, smashing the windscreen and bent the sub frame. 

With 1000km remaining to Ulaanbaatar their options were looking bleak as the bent sub frame had pushed the radiator back, kinking a hose and splitting another meaning we were overheating badly. 

Some campsite mechanics entailed, and they removed the air con radiator, loosened the slam panel and removed the rad from the sub frame to bring it forward to repair the pipes. 

This seemed to do the trick, although meant that the final leg of the trip were slow drives as they were very conscious they had no protection for the radiator.

Tonight, the lads will celebrate this incredible journey and start to make their way back to the UK in the coming days.

Well done from everyone hear at Jemca Toyota Reading.  We are so glad that we could be part of this journey with Rupert and Co and we cannot wait to see what adventure they have planned next.