The final stretch – Reading to Mongolia in a 1999 Yaris

A long 2/3 days for the lads remain. 2 nights of wild camping in minus conditions has left them a bit worse for wear. 

They crossed into Mongolia yesterday morning. The roads have been very mixed - Mongolia until last year had very few paved roads. Since 2017 they have embarked on a massive road building program. The roads are not open yet and are currently road blocked. 

They spent most of the last 2 days dismantling roadblocks to drive on the new roads to try and keep the Yaris safe - this hasn't always gone to plan! 

They checked into a hotel tonight in Altai to try and get some rest before a difficult day tomorrow on the toughest stretch. 

The sump guard came off again (starting to wear thin as they keep just welding nuts to the wish bone which is not ideal!). 

They are hoping to be in Ulaanbaatar on the 20th /21st where they will be flying home to England, let's hope the lads and the Yaris can make the final stretch!