Ethians Symonds – Family Matters – Part 4

During the pandemic and Lockdown many had to make difficult decisions about visiting family based on Covid-19 restrictions.

Ethian mentioned that “My Grand Parents supplied us with food on the weekend for where we stay because they have a Motorhome which we use at the weekends. Not being able to see them for most of the year was hard to deal with and I had not seen my Aunty till Christmas and even then, I was not with her for long, I was with her for half a day and have not seen her since. It is hard not seeing them, but I think it has become normal now. I keep in contact with my cousins”.

While the lockdowns were tough Ethian found a way to get though it regarding his training and keeping touch with his family. In the next article we will be looking at what the aims are for Ethian is going forward in 2021 and onwards.