Ethian Symonds - A new racing year - Part 1

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Ethian Symonds about how their 2020 went regarding their career. During this interview we focused on their original aims for 2020 and how COVID changed their personal and professional life.

We talked about what Ethians aims were for the beginning of 2020. He mentioned that his aim was to “compete in the British Karting Championship. I was hoping for a top 5 and then I was also looking to compete in the Autumn Cup, Winter Series and just complete as many races as possible. Then the last think I would have loved to compete in is a National Plate Event”.

We also talked about what his preferred re-race routine is before the race weekend. Ethian said “In the morning I would go on a track walk, so I know what do to on certain corners which really helps. Then 10-15 minutes before a race I would listen to music, I feel like music help me get into the zone I need to be in when I am about to race.”

Ethian was prepared for a full campaign of racing and winning more races, but unfortunately something was on the horizon which no one was prepared for.