Ethian Symonds – Making regulation changes – Part 3

With the lockdown in place and no ending in sight, Ethian had to find new ways in which to train while minimising their risk of getting Covid-19. 

When it came to training Ethian mentioned that “I have had workout routine put in place for me, a pull up bar put up so I can do it from home, or I would just train in the back garden. I used to go to the gym which is near my school. But since it is closed, I have not been able to do that. It has been odd, but I would say that I prefer working out from home”.

He also mentioned that he had been training by “doing live videos whilst I have been training with my Academy which has helped me with a diet and training in general. I have been like making sure that things are cleaned, and my kart is ready, and it has been checked over so there are no faults, so it is race ready”.

After waiting over half the year to get back into his kart, he was given the opportunity to get back in his kart and compete for something he had always wanted to win which was his first National Plate. After narrowly missing out last year in Honda Cadets, it was finally his time to get out there and show them what he had.

Ethian said that “I was ready and rearing to go, I just wanted to be back doing what I enjoyed the most karting. I wanted this more than anything and I stuck to my game plan and it paid off.”

The GP National plate was a 3-day event from 31st July to 2nd Aug at the Paul Fletcher International Kart Circuit (PFI) in Lincs. Due to restriction no spectators were allowed only drivers, one parent and mechanic.

Ethian said “I wanted my name up there with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Alex Albon, who had all previously been Kartmaster Champions.

The heat was on…the winner took one of the most treasured prizes on the karting calendar the GP plate and also £250 cash, £200 voucher, and customer race gloves. There was a total of 22 driver in his class, and he felt like this was his time to shine.

“The feeling I got crossing the line was the most intense feeling or happiness and achievement, I felt on top of the world. My time had come…. I spoke to my Mum on the phone after the race as she had been watching it live on the TV and she told me the neighbours had heard her screaming and cheering me on from home and that it had brought a tear to her eye when I won knowing how much it would mean to me.”

Here is the race below. Check it out for yourself -

One of the things that effected many people was their ability to mee their family members. In the next article we will see how Ethian handled being away from his family due to COVID-19 restrictions.