A bumpy ride - Reading to Mongolia in a 1999 Yaris

The journey continues as Rupert and his merry men have left Dushanbe (the capital of Tajikistan) on Saturday morning to complete the Pamir Highway. 

Although, nothing could have prepared them, or the car for the battering it got. Around 1000km long, the Highway is mostly unpaved with rocks every few meters which look like they're waiting to rip the sump out.

It's taken them 4 days of 16 hour driving to get is to the end of the Highway in Kygystan. The Highway mostly hugs the Afghanistan border for most of the way which was exciting but also a little nerve racking!! 

The plan is to try and get as far north into Kygystan tomorrow to hopefully enter Kazakhstan the day after. 

Hopefully the next few days are a little less bumpy.