All you need to know about the New Toyota Prius Plug-In

The all new Prius Plug-in is here and it is like nothing you have known before. It has been designed to deliver outstanding efficiency and performance with an iconic design, smooth handling, powerful performance and Toyota Safety Sense as standard, this makes it the most vigorous Prius Plug-In yet.

The new Prius Plug-In also comes with ultra-low C02 emissions from 22g/km and average fuel consumption up to 283mpg. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants a hybrid car with all the benefits of EV driving.  

Now when it comes to Hybrid models the big question is how long can it run simply on its electric motor. Well the answer might just surprise you.

  • For one thing the EV range is an astonishing 39 miles with a top speed of 83mph in EV mode.
  • It takes only around 2 hours* to charge it to full.
  • The Solar Panel roof allows for the car to charge via the sun and this provides a range up to 3 miles a day.
  • The more often you charge up the greater your fuel savings.

With outstanding levels of fuel efficiency, low C02 emissions & high performance, there is no wonder that the Prius Plus is the next level of Hybrid & EV vehicle.

For more information about the all new Toyota Prius Plus click on the following link –

*Based on 16 Amp charging capability

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